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Álfaheiði Cottage in Vik Fludir holiday house H40 - Luxury Holiday House Apartment in Reykjavik Akurgerði 3 Brúnalaug Guesthouse Hlíð Cottage 2 Glæsibær Orlofshús Reykjarhól 1 Flankastaðir Cottage Króktún Cosy cottage in the Golden Circle Höfðatún Þúfukot
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"I visit the website regularly and like how easy it is to access information about the properties. The staff has been very friendly, open to my suggestions and fast at replying to my inquires."
- Lilja Ósk
"Me and my wife found our "dreamcottage" through Bungalo, exactly as we had pictured it. A old refurbished house with a soul. Now we want to repeat our experience with sightseeing trips all over Iclend, exploring new houses with character and soul. Thank you very much."
- Friðrik Ásmundsson
"Wonderful, fantastic and great properties."
- Grétar Þór Grétarsson
"I have received fast replies to all of my inquires and must say that the service is both professional and fast with a very joyful attitude. I recommend renting a cottage through Bungalo, you will receive good service."
- Guðrún Gerður Guðrúnardóttir
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